applying international business concepts, models, and frameworks to analyze vari

applying international business concepts, models, and frameworks to analyze various international business scenarios and develop relevant solutions and/or action plans. While a different case may be utilized each quarter, cases will cover contexts such as international business, the foreign exchange market, the global capital market, market entry modes, international operations, marketing across borders, or global human resources issues. Each case will require students to investigate the global variance in political, economic, legal/regulatory systems, socio-cultural issues, sustainability, ethics, and corporate social responsibility. Specific requirements for each case will vary depending upon the nature of the scenario but all require the analysis of each case and presentation of key insights and lessons learned, informed by – and extracted from – the unique dynamics of the scenario of interest. Students will apply the 6 steps case study analysis methodology, which is described in detail in an attached template above, and summarized below. The insights should enhance managerial decision-making knowledge and skills within the domain of international business. Specific instructions and set of requirements (e.g., format, references, and page count) will be included in the description of each case.

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