Assessment Description Write a 750-1,000-word essay about water quality in your

Assessment Description
Write a 750-1,000-word essay about water quality in your community that addresses the following points:
Obtain a water quality report from your local municipality within the last two years and discuss what you found in the report?
Identify a water quality issue happening in your community and where the pollution comes from? This includes point sources (for example, water discharge from a factory; contamination from a Superfund site), Non-point sources (for example, agricultural runoff), and Natural sources.
Describe how the pollution source is impacting the environment and human health in your community, and provide two examples of each.
Identify three management practices to minimize water pollution.
Here are 2 ways to get your water quality report:
1) google search your city and water quality report 2019 (or the most current year available is OK for this).
2) or go to:
City: El Paso Texas
For question 1, we just want a brief explanation of the water report (did the water report meet all standards, was it in any violation, where does the tap water come from according to the report, what were some contaminants they tested for, etc.). The very last sentence in this paragraph should then be the thesis statement for the essay (the overall main points for the essay). For question 2, if your water quality report meets all standards and you cannot find a water issue in your city or town it is ok to look for a water issue that occurred in the state instead and talk about that for question 2. Just make sure that you state in this paragraph if your water issue is an example of a point, nonpoint, or natural pollution source. For question 3, this will relate back to the water issue (how does the water issue (or how could it) impact human health and the environment. For question 4, this is a more general question, what are some water management practices that are or could be used to help reduce water pollution in the tap water. I hope this helps. If you have any questions please let me know
Remember to support your data and information with appropriate citations. A minimum of five peer-reviewed references must be included.

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