The Harlem Renaissance was one of the most influential time periods in history. Out of it was born to jazz, blues, ragtime, various forms of art, and an explosion of literature. For this project, you will be researching a person from this time period in order to learn about this person’s contribution to the Harlem Renaissance and also about the impact that this movement had on the African American community and beyond. You will complete (1) works cited page with at least three sources to show what sources you used to conduct your research, and (2) an outline.


Research & Analysis:  

A big part of this project is research. You will become the expert in your person or topic. The second part of the project is completing an analysis of an important work by the author/musician/artist.


oGive a short biography of your person’s life. 

oWhen did this person come to Harlem? Why? 


o Describe major works/accomplishments made by the person during his/her lifetime. 

o How did these accomplishments contribute to the changing face of America and black Americans of the time period? 

Work Sample 

oChoose one of your person’s accomplishments/contributions to analyze.  

o This could be a song clip, a poem, a passage from a novel, or piece of art, etc. 

Analyzing Sample 

o You need to analyze the work sample by thoroughly answering the following questions: 1. What does this piece mean or what is it about? 

2. What is the author saying about this piece? 

3. What is it showing us about the culture of the Harlem Renaissance, the time period, and/or how black Americans felt during this time period? 


o What long-lasting effects did this person’s contributions have on The Harlem