Civic Scientific Literacy Essay Literacy is the minimum level of reading and wri

Civic Scientific Literacy Essay
Literacy is the minimum level of reading and writing skills that an individual must have to participate in written communication. Civic Scientific Literacy is the knowledge and understanding of science and technology needed for personal decision making, participation in civic and cultural affairs, and economic productivity in modern industrial society. Your writing must be between 2000 and 5000 characters (spaces included). [1000 characters is 150 words. 150 words is half a typed page double spaced.] It must be submitted electronically on Blackboard under the Final Exam.
The title of your essay should read “Civic Scientific Literacy Essay”.
The format of your writing is as follows:
1) State a matter of public concern that is of interest to you. State the reasons that this public concern engages your attention. State the scientific issue or principle underlying (related to) the public concern of interest to you.
2) Identify the civic scientific knowledge addressed in this course as it relates to your public concern. Reference: 1) a portion of your textbook; 2) a classroom lecture, and 3) a laboratory experiment in your answer or 4) a Scientific Article.
3) Explain how the civic scientific knowledge you identified expanded your understanding of your public concern. Explain how this civic scientific knowledge changed or reinforced your opinions or attitudes towards your public concern.
4) Thinking about the civic scientific knowledge you identified, how could you use this understanding to address, resolve, or improve the matter of your public concern.
Please refer to the “Final Exam Assignment” under the “Final Exam” tab for a detailed instruction sheet.
Taking into account our current situation, it makes sense that the topic should be obesity as it is one of the major health issues that this country and most of the industrialized world faces and is a major risk factor in developing severe symptoms in COVID19 infection. Think back to what we covered in our class assignments (e.g Discussions in DW 5). What is obesity? What is an antioxidant? How can you make good choices in your diet based on assignments that you did? You can find some important information from CDC ( ) ( ) and The Obesity Society ( ) websites. Think about the CDC and The Obesity Society recommendations. Use these as references when you write your essay. What scientific knowledge did you learn that can help you, your family, and your community?

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