Description For this assignment, you will write an argumentative essay wherein y

Description For this assignment, you will write an argumentative essay wherein you identify and take a position on a specific issue. Your argument should be a direct development of your Research Proposal and should be supported by scholarly sources in your Annotated Bibliography. Assignment Goals This assignment will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the methods of argument we have learned about during this semester. It will also challenge you to use peer-reviewed sources to support your ideas and to document that material correctly in MLA format. Furthermore, this assignment asks that you continue to hone your organizational and stylistic skills. Other Details Sources You will need at least five sources for this paper. At least three of those must be scholarly (peer-reviewed) sources. You should already have these in your Annotated Bibliography from the previous assignment. All parts of this assignment must be in MLA format. This essay must be at least six full pages long. You must use Times New Roman 12-point font and strive for approximately one-inch margins. Please include the AHC before submitting your final draft! My argument is that Children watching Disney films are not able to understand the differences in social classes because of the way Disney portrays them in films. The overall argument is that Disney is very classist and blind to the lower classes of society. With the main point being that Disney does not accurately portray social classes. I have an annotated Bibliography with 3 sources on it so you would only need to find two more. The main objective of this essay is to argue that Disney films do not accurately portray social classes.

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