DO THE ESSAY ON THE WAR BETWEEN ISREAL AND PALESTINE . Talk about the orgins and history of isreal and the current situation of gaza and incorporate history of arabs in Israel as well. use link for info on gaza
Final Paper Assignment: Write a well-organized essay on the Topic you have been Discussing and writing Assignments on. That means 3-5 Body Paragraphs each arguing a different point, plus an Introductory and a Concluding paragraph. Include a useful and explanatory Title (not just “Women’s Rights in Yemen”).
Checklist for Content and Structure
____ Introductory Paragraph that identifies what your argument/thesis is (e.g., “The Ottoman Empire produced a dynamic culture under Muslim rule that expanded military and political power, allowed mobility to Jews and Christians as well, excelled in literature and philosophy, and produced magnificent architecture that remains to this day.”) See how this sentence asserts an opinion and then shows the shape and flow of the paper; each of those 3-5 points will become a body paragraph to defend the thesis opinion. Make sure those 3-5 come in the same order as your Body paragraphs.
____ 3-5 Body paragraphs arguing those 3-5 main points that prove your thesis. Each body paragraph starts with an assertion/thesis that your evidence in the paragraph will support. Each paragraph’s evidence will consist of 3-5 pieces of example/evidence that you EXPLAIN, not merely list. Make sure you analyze and explain the facts you give. Say, “This means ….” Remember to include quotations from articles or chapters you have read. Give a citation for both direct quotes but ALSO when something you have read backs up what you say, even if you don’t quote. (Like Ansary pages.)
____ Concluding paragraph, in different words, that summarizes what you have proven.
____ Footnotes either at bottom of each page or at end of whole essay, in either MLA or Chicago style. _____ A useful, explanatory Title for your paper that gives a hint of your argument. Finalize this last, after you’ve completed your argument. Be creative with your title.

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