In this Activity you will be set up with a Boardmaker Online account. This will

In this Activity you will be set up with a Boardmaker Online account. This will give you access to tools that allow you to make boards and access hundreds of existing templates of Boardmaker activities. You have received an e-mail from Boardmaker. 1. click the links on the email from Boardmaker 2. in the top right, click on Log in 3. click ‘Forgot your password’ 4. put your BU email in the spot for your email. 5. check the ‘I’m not a robot’ and click Reset password 6. You will get an email from Tobii Dynavox 7. hit the ‘reset your password’ button 8. make sure your email is correct or added to the email spot 9. add a password, and repeat that password in the confirm password box 10. click ‘reset’ 11. click ‘Log in’ (it is small at the end of the paragraph 12. Put in your BU email, and the password you just created. 13. You are now in Boardmaker (You may want to add this link to your favorites) 14. in the box in the middle of the page (under My Homepage) there is information like, Institution ID etc. there is a link for ‘Download Boardmaker Software. Click this link 15. download Boardmaker 7.0.3 ( the first link). Assignments: Create a board that contains at least three pages of interconnected content that would useful in a school setting using self-made pages. Each page needs to have at a minimum 12 talking buttons, and two non-talking transition buttons (to go to the other pages For example, you might have one page with buttons to be used in a math class, and another page with buttons for science class, and your third with buttons to be used in the hall with friends. You are not limited to these options, choose any three internal settings with in the school. The directions for how to make a new board are provided below I hope you explore and have fun with this tool. BOARDMAKER 7: Making buttons Open Boardmaker 7 Editor Click on new Click on Blank (select interactive) Click on the Button Tool and draw a square at the top left of the page (click and hold to make the button the size you want) Click on the Spray Tool (click/hold and drag the first button to make a 4×3 grid (or larger) You can click and hold any of the dots to stretch the collection of buttons to the size you want Click off of the buttons to unselect the group of buttons. Select a single button. Click on the ‘add Symbol’ button on the right side in the Properties tab. Use the search, or go through the folders to select a symbol for that button (hit select) You can also adjust border etc. with property functions (feel free to play around with this) Double click on the newly created button to open the Action Editor; or select the button and scroll to the bottom of the Properties tab to the action button. Click on add action in the bottom left Click on Speech Click on Speak text Type in the text you want that button to say Click Save and close Saving and Playing the Board Click on the upper left hand set of three lines (the hamburger) Click Save as Select or create a location that will allow you to find the file later Name the file using your last name Hit save Linking pages. On the left, hit the ‘new page’ button and select blank page. Repeat this to create at least 3 pages for the assignment. Click on the words new page for each page a rename them (such as math class, hallway, etc.) On page one create a button. Select that button, and in the properties tab select the ‘edit text’ button Type in the name of your second page—hit return Make sure the button is still selected Go to the action menu (double click the button) Click add action Select pages and popups Select Open page Click into the text window (then select the page you want this button to go to) save You now can have the user navigate between the two pages. Repeat this to create links from each page to each of the other pages. –so on page one you have buttons that go to pages two and three, on page two you have buttons going to pages one and three, and on page three you have buttons going to pages one and two.

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