Learning Goal: I’m working on a anthropology discussion question and need a samp

Learning Goal: I’m working on a anthropology discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.Create a presentation/slideshow or write a short (2 double spaced pages) paper in which you discuss one of the following topics.Consider the questions listed below each topic as you create your paper or presentation. Cite any outside sources appropriately.Language Loss:What is language loss? How many languages are we losing each year? Are there any specific projects or movements to preserve endangered languages? Why does language loss matter? What is one endangered language today, and how many speakers are left? What factors lead to language loss?English Dialects:What are the major dialects of English? Which dialect is the prestige dialect and why? How are other dialects viewed by speakers of the prestige dialect? Do you speak a dialect? If so, which one? Are all dialects valid versions of a language, or is there only one ‘correct’ version?The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis:What is the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis? To what extent does language impact/influence/control the way we think? Do speakers of different languages think/act differently or have different abilities? What is the evidence for and against the idea that language influences how we think? ———————————————————————————————————————–The ways in which we speak change through time and across social categories.Find at least 3 video or audio clips that show how the English we speak today is different from the English spoken in the past. Your clips should each be at least 30 years apart (but can certainly be further apart!), and can be from a movie, news show, television show, radio broadcast, etc.Please make sure your clips are classroom-appropriate.Create a document (paper or slide show form is fine) in which you link your clips and write about the factors that make the clips you chose so different from one another. Obviously, one of these factors will be time, but are there gender, race, social class, or other differences as well? If more than one person speaks in your clip, feel free to choose just one of the speakers to discuss for each clip.
Requirements: 2 page doub space   |   .doc file

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