Learning Goal: I’m working on a anthropology question and need a sample draft to

Learning Goal: I’m working on a anthropology question and need a sample draft to help me learn.Use the film to answer these questions. You are welcome to include your own experiences in addition to using the film. Each response should be a few sentences.1) What is “the culture of hyper-masculinity?” What kinds of norms, beliefs or values are associated with being a “real man” in our culture? Write down specific examples from the film—including the “three lies” associated with masculinity.2) Explain the crucial difference between the biological category of sex and the social construct of gender. According to the film, how do parents “gender” their children from birth by encouraging certain behavior or preferences for boys, and other behaviors or preferences for girls?3) Record examples from the film that illustrate how men and boys are socialized into their gender roles. Who (or what) are the agents of socialization?4) How is masculinity “policed” in American culture? What are the consequences or sanctions for failing to live up to the masculine ideal? Cite specific examples. How does this reflect the concept of social control?5) According to the film, adolescent boys are more likely than girls to have problems at school and to attempt or commit suicide. Why? Why do we tend to misrecognize or misdiagnose depression in young men and boys?6) How many hours per week does the average boy spend consuming media? What are some of the impacts of young boys’ exposure to violent media?
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