Learning Goal: I’m working on a art discussion question and need guidance to hel

Learning Goal: I’m working on a art discussion question and need guidance to help me learn.PART 1 – ROMANTICISM ARCHITECTUREWinston Churchill (Links to an external site.) once said: “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Have you ever wondered where did the inspiration for building some of the most iconic architectural structures in the United States come from?Take a closer look at the Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York:St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York (Links to an external site.)St. Patrick’s Cathedral – A Gothic Revival Building (Links to an external site.)After reading provided articles about the St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and watching the video, the short answer assignment asks you to respond to the following questions in three substantive and substantial paragraphs:Where did the architectural style of the St. Patrick’s Cathedral draw its inspiration from?
Why do we discuss Gothic Revival style under the Romanticism topic?
Do you know any other examples of the Gothic/Neo-Gothic/Gothic Revival architectural structures built in Europe or United States?
Besides articles and video provided, in order to respond to all questions, you should find other resources as well.Note: Gothic is a European style of architecture that had emerged and flourished in Europe during the late Middle Ages (12-15th century) Neo-Gothic/Gothic Revival started in the 18th century and drew its inspiration from the original medieval Gothic style. Neo-Gothic/Gothic Revival was particularly popular during the Romanticism time period.Responses have to be numbered.Short Answer has to be submitted in word or pdf format only.Provide images and used sources.PART 2;Discussion 7 – ROMANTICISM IN EUROPE AND UNITED STATES – 19th century2727 unread replies.2727 replies.ROMANTICISM IN EUROPE AND UNITED STATESReading: Link – ROMANTICISM(by The Art Story)Focusing on the period and styles covered by this unit, identify a particular visual work of art that inspires you, not just visually but intellectually. You may choose an artist and work discussed in your readings and video, but you are not limited to these options. Briefly research the background of the artist (the artist’s social and cultural life, the artist’s influences, etc., if applicable) and the work itself. Your post should be as original as possible.
How does the piece you chose express the features of its style movement or period? Be sure to include your thoughts on what you feel was a primary influence for the artist in developing the piece. Pay special attention to the INTERPRETATION of the artwork (How would you interpret this work of art?Why was it made?).
Try to describe, analyze, interpret and evaluate the chosen artwork to the best of your abilities, using knowledge you have acquired throughout this week, and using WRITING AN ART CRITIQUE and VISUAL ANALYSIS GUIDELINES documents provided under Module 1. Ensure that your choice was created in the time frames identified here.
Respond to classmates’ posts that have focused on different works of art than the one you chose. Compare your chosen work with theirs. You have to respond to at least two of your peers for a full credit. All your posts should be as substantive and substantial as possible.
For a full credit: Initial post (at least 200 WORDS in length)
Requirements: 2 page

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