Learning Goal: I’m working on a literature discussion question and need an expla

Learning Goal: I’m working on a literature discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.PROMPT A:This week we read Mark Twain’s tongue-in-cheek advice to youth. Select two of the readings and two of the video clips and create your own list of advice to youth. Be sure to list the readings and clips you selected. Your list can be ironic like Mark Twain’s, but it cannot be offensive. Offensive, for the purposes of this assignment, means singling out any group or gender as the target of inappropriate comments and insults. Remember, your list should aim at getting youth to behave ethically.PROMPT B:It is very likely that while you read some of the selections for this week or watched the video clips you remembered a situation in which you, or someone you know, were faced with (directly or indirectly) an ethical dilemma. This could include a workplace situation, or an issue at your house of worship, or even discovering a secret about one of your neighbors.Describe the scenario/problem/dilemma
Were cultural differences involved?
Describe how things ended; was the dilemma resolved, unresolved, or worsened by subsequent situations?
In your opinion, how could things have been handled more ethically?
Reading options Norton Reader:Mark Twain, Advice to Youth
Peter Singer, What should a Billionaire Give – and What Should You? Singer_What Should a Billionaire Give_NYT.pdf Singer_What Should a Billionaire Give_NYT.pdf – Alternative Formats
Michael Pollan, An Animal’s Place
Steven Weinberg, Without God, Without God.pdf Without God.pdf – Alternative Formats
Reg Saner, My Fall Into Knowledge, Saner_my fall into knowledge_1_.pdf Saner_my fall into knowledge_1_.pdf – Alternative Formats
Virginia Woolf, The Death of the Moth
I have bookshelf information available and also provided pictures of videos needed to complete assignment even though only 2 videos are necessary and also the 3 books that are in URL are attached in files.
Requirements: As long as each question is answered   |   .doc file

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