Outline and introduction of Final Paper is attached. The industry was already st

Outline and introduction of Final Paper is attached. The industry was already started and leads into the profession of social media analyst and how it is changing the face of public relations. The Industry (3 pages) Choose an industry that you have studied as part of this course (for example: broadcast television, public relations, advertising, etc.). Research the history of that industry, identifying major changes pertaining to: -government -Internet -international community These will be your sub-headings. For example, in the television industry, what regulations have been made by the government over the years? What changes have been made to the Internet? How has the industry you’ve chosen influenced or been influenced by the international community (Europe, South America, Asia, or other countries)? The Profession (3 pages) Whatever industry you choose, you will find that there are a diverse range of jobs associated with it. For example, in the public relations or advertising industries, there are reporters, editors, program directors, etc. Choose one profession within your chosen industry and research that particular job. Your research may include the following questions: What education is needed for the job? Is experience in that particular field required? What are the duties and activities of the person who performs that job? What is the average salary for that job? What are some of the benefits of the job? (For example: working conditions and perks of the job, etc.) What Web sites or trade publications are connected to the job. For example, if you are researching the Health Communication field, you might find some publications about that particular topic. What are they? Are there internship available for that particular job? Conclusion(1-2 pages) – this will take you to eight pages minimum Summarize your paper and make some predictions for the future. References (1-2 pages) Use online or library sources. Primary sources are best. Interviews of a person within the industry may also be included. Be sure to cite your source in your paper when you use someone else’s material. Use APA for YOUR reference page. At least 8 authored references should be used! EIGHT PAGES MINIMUM Other Considerations Your outline and final paper should be typed, double-spaced and have one-inch margins. You must use Times New Roman font, 12 point. Be sure to include page numbers and a cover page – minus 10 points for each if missing. Make sure you include all parts (Introduction, The Industry, The Profession, Conclusion, References). Identify each part with a heading (title). Minus 10 points if no SUBJECT HEADERS like ‘The Industry’, etc.

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