Part 1: Recorded Virtual Training You have developed a treatment and supervision

Part 1: Recorded Virtual Training
You have developed a treatment and supervision plan for an individual of your choice. For this assignment, you will prepare and record a training presentation for an audience of your choice based on your treatment and supervision plan. Record a presentation of your lecture-based training materials and create visual examples of all materials needed for direct implementation of the intervention and supervision plan.
Step 1: Create a slide presentation that includes the following:
• A welcome slide that indicates who you are training.
• A brief descriiption of the specific client, if needed for your audience.
• A brief descriiption of the target behavior:
o Confirm function (if behavior for reduction).
o Discuss goal for the target behavior or behaviors:
o Increase of replacement behavior.
o If behavior for increase only, discuss final outcome criteria.
o Decrease or eliminate problem behavior.
• The treatment plan.
o Include details necessary for implementation in audience-appropriate language.
• Data collection methods for full intervention.
o Include visual examples of data sheets with use instructions.
• Explanation of method for ensuring effective treatment in audience-appropriate language.
o Include visual examples of data sheets with explanation of how they will be used.
o Explain method for ensuring correct treatment implementation after training.
o Include visual examples of selected checklists and explanation of how they will be used, with appropriate detail for your selected audience.
• Next steps of training.
o Include what in-person training will entail and how feedback will be given.
o Include references to which visuals (shown previously) will be used to ensure the intervention is being implemented correctly before independent sessions are run.
o Discuss expected results from checklists/data sheets for completion of training in detail necessary for your selected audience.
• Include a slide that shows all references used to determine best practices in intervention, training, and supervision.
o Do not include in-text citations.
Remember to be concise when preparing your slides; use short bullets to capture main points and expand on those points in your voice-over.
Part 2: Session Material Examples
For Part 2 of this assignment, attach examples of each of the necessary materials discussed in your training and listed in the Week 8 discussion. Be sure to take feedback from that discussion into account when making your final choices. You only need to attach the examples. Do not include a separate rationale, as you will address your use of materials in your recorded virtual training. The number of items uploaded will differ based on the intervention being trained and supervised.
Additional Requirements
• Written Communication: Ensure that slides are free of errors and written to effectively communicate ideas and practices to your selected audience.
• Voice Recording Communication: Use the voice-over to expand on points listed on slides to convey key concepts.
• Visual Design: Use a visually appealing design and appropriate images throughout the training presentation to maintain audience engagement.
• APA formatting: Use current APA format and style for the reference slide. Refer to your APA manual or Evidence and APA as needed.
• Resources: Include a sufficient number of scholarly and/or professional resources to support your points, which may include your course text and/or peer-reviewed articles.

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