Part A: What do engineers do? [About 50-75 words per bullet-point] – In your own

Part A: What do engineers do? [About 50-75 words per bullet-point] – In your own words, explain what it is that engineers do. How do they think about the world? What tools and ideas do they use to solve problems? – Describe at least one engineering tool, way of thinking, or thought process that you learned about this semester. – Tradeoffs. What are tradeoffs, and how do they relate to engineering problem-solving? Part B: What do you want to do? Choose one of our six engineering majors, either the one that you will major in, or one that interests you. [Note for this part and every part to follow: if you are not pursuing an engineering major, please indicate what it is about engineering that does not appeal to you, and then choose any other major at SLU. Use that major to answer all the remaining parts.] – Explain what graduates with this major do in their careers. What sorts of technical tools / subjects do they learn in school? What kinds of problems do they solve? – Identify a few of the most important classes you will need to take to complete this degree. Will you be able to complete everything in the seven semesters left? What obstacles do you see? – To succeed in this major, what activities, clubs, projects or work should you do outside of class? – Why are you choosing this major? What will this major allow you to do / become?

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