PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THE INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED BELOW, you have 2 options to choose from. Pick either one ( A or B) A: One of the things that you might want to consider when we are speaking about this topic in particular is that it is perhaps the area of the most successful podcasts — nearly all of which are scripted (i.e. written) beforehand. Lots of times when we take classes like this we ask ourselves “yeah, but where the heck could I actually use this?” Well, besides places like blogs, magazines, your own non-fiction book, simply being a better writer in whatever career or life it is that brings you joy — you could be someone who writes for a news show, crime show, love show, sex advice show or podcast. B: The other aspect of this topic that is of incredible importance this week is justice. We are living in a time where the injustices in our society are harder to deny and people are rising up insisting on change and insisting on justice. No matter where people fall on any of the very many issues of debate in society — we all know that this is a time where there is an active struggle in American society to reshape and shift the way in which justice is carried out — and what it is we even mean by the word justice. Even that is something we are currently arguing about. “Justice” now encompasses whole category of news stories in a manner this country hasn’t likely since the 1960s. This is definitely an era where effective, powerful, soulful, honest writing is going to have a direct impact on people’s mindsets and lives — and the nation’s future.

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