Progression 3 Letter Seeing Beyond the Human Please write an open letter of thre

Progression 3 Letter Seeing Beyond the Human Please write an open letter of three (3) double-spaced pages to look at the plight of other species on our planet and the humans trying to save them or to connect with them or to “see” into their lives. Please include Orlando von Einsiedel’s Virunga and two other sources of your choice in your letter—you can include The Cove, directed by Louie Psihoyos, or other sources we have explored together this term, or sources we haven’t talked about. For those other sources, if you decide to include a source you have already dived into in your writing, please just be sure to go to new moments or scenes and to explore it in a different way! (So there are three (3) sources total!) Building on the great, targeted work you’ve done all term, please try to dive into specific moments and detailed scenes to write about the stories inside them. Logistics: Your letter can be “open” in the sense you address it to a general public; as such, it can be less formal than your strictly academic prose you have cultivated so well this term. But please still cite your sources and include a “Works Cited” at the end. And please include a representation of Virunga and micro-representations (they can be a few sentences) of the other sources you explore in the course of your letter. Take your moments or scenes one at a time, so you give yourself a chance to look at them closely, and you can try building your individual paragraphs around those scenes. But please organize the letter however it feels right to you—no need to start with your representation of Virunga, though you can! And though links between what you are discovering in the discrete scenes from the different movies or textual sources will allow your readers to understand your threads of connection, don’t feel a need to let one single, macro-argument take over—you can allow different dynamics and situations to flow through your letter. That way, we’ll get a sense of the varied elements working together in the fate of non-human animals in the sources you’re looking at, and in the human lives dedicated to them or reaching out toward them. Thank you for all your amazing work this term!!

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