The purpose of this assignment is the next step for the student in developing th

The purpose of this assignment is the next step for the student in developing the signature assignment. The idea is for the student to take a stepwise approach to completing the signature assignment. The signature assignment will be broken up into three steps:
STEP 1 – Introduction and Problem Statement;
STEP 2 – PICOt, Databases and Search Terms; and
STEP 3 – Three Themes and Annotated Bibliographies.
The three steps will be put together with the final signature assignment in week 8.
This assignment is STEP 3 – Three Themes and Annotated Bibliographies.
The student will use the Introduction and Themes Template and complete the required items: 
Provide a title that conveys or describes the assignment.
Themes (three themes) – Students will look for patterns and themes found while reviewing the literature. Identifying themes are a way of organizing a literature review. When writing a literature review, authors must organize the review around themes and not simply report on each research studies one at a time. Themes should be limited to three (3) to five (5) themes. Students will identify at list three (3) themes.
Annotated Bibliography (at least three) – For each of the identified three (3) themes, students will provide three (3) annotated bibliographies. Therefore, the student should have annotated at least a total of nine (9) research articles. See Annotated Bibliography Example below.*
References – Provide references used in the template using APA 6th ed. Manual format.
*Annotated Bibliography Example
Swider, S. M., Levin. P., Cowell, J., Breakwell, S., Holland, P., & Wallinder, J. (2009). Community and public health nursing practice leaders’ views of the doctorate of nursing practice. Public Health Nursing Journal, 26(1), 1-8.
This article addressed the importance of research in awarding scholarship for nursing career development and advancing nursing education. The authors of this research came up with this research to analyze and evaluate the views of various scholars regarding public health nursing. The subjects addressed in this research include practicing public health nurses and scholars undertaking masters and doctorate level programs. Thesis design has been used to present these findings. The findings of the research were that community health nurses acquire effective skills after completion of their masters and doctorate courses. However, these skills are oriented toward management skills.
The research is useful to nursing practice since the community health nursing is very essential as far as general health is concerned. The information is reliable in that the practicing public health nurses and scholars can apply the result of the findings to better this profession. The research is objective in that it only focuses on the view of the doctorate of nursing practice. The only major limitation of this research is that it doesn’t accommodate the view of undergraduates and graduates with their first degree taking nursing and practicing nursing respectively. This paper is important to the extent that it shows the importance of practical research in advanced level of nursing education. Using research as criteria for awarding scholarship is important to the extent that it not only builds on the body of knowledge in nursing but provides a selection mechanism that ensures that scholarships and other educational resources are awarded to the most qualified professionals in nursing.
Format: Use template & APA 6th ed.

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