The title stands for a Saudi Arabian company called SABIC , Saudi Basic Industri

The title stands for a Saudi Arabian company called SABIC , Saudi Basic Industries Corporation that’s the company I choose for this topic. And my major is finance. And the Instructions are below :
• use the assigned title page.
• use Times New Romans, font size 12
• have double spaces between lines.
• indent each paragraph 5 spaces.
• be 6 pages in length (1 title page, 3 pages for the text, 1 page for references, and 1 page for the rubric).
• have Highlighted Headings.
• have paragraphs that start with topic sentences.
• use full sentences and paragraphs (not bullet points).
• top and bottom margins that are one inch each.
• right and left margins that are 1.3 inches each.
• justify all your report lines.
• provide the assignment rubric at the end of the report.
The report must use the following headings and information:​
(1) Briefly explain the importance of this assignment. Then write a clear thesis statement in which you mention all the main points.
Background of the Company
Briefly describe the history of the company, its location, foundation year, and main products.
Opportunities and Benefits
Briefly describe the opportunities you will have when you join the company. Examples of opportunities are further education, training, professional development, and working overseas. Examples of benefits are accommodation, promotions, health insurance. Examples of benefits are chances for higher education and seminars, certificate programs.
Demands and Challenges
Mention and briefly describe the demands and challenges that you may encounter in the workplace.
My Career Path at the Company
Describe three possible career path stages you may have at the company. For each stage, provide the name of the position, certificates, skills, or training you will need before assuming that position. Also mention the minimum number of years you should work in each position before you can move to the next one. Number each stage and its requirements.
Restate the significance of this assignment and mention the main points you have discussed in it
Include at least 3 references.
If you need any info please don’t hesitate.

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