THEORY CHAPTER: (3000-3500 words) Introduction for Literature Review: Introducti

THEORY CHAPTER: (3000-3500 words) Introduction for Literature Review: Introduction of what scholars could be discussing What is performance activism? Debates and uses of the term Shannon Jolly, Joseph N. Cooper & Yannick Kluch (2021) Allyship as activism: advancing social change in global sport through transformational allyship, European Journal for Sport and Society, DOI: 10.1080/16138171.2021.1941615 Kathrina Durante. (2021). Committed to the Cause or Performative Posting?: Developing a Measure of Internal and External Motivations for Online Activism. UR Scholarship Repository. The origins of Performative Activism Where and when was it first introduced? Who was the scholar that coined the term? Are there other scholars that can support this term and the claims that arise from it? #BlackoutTuesday: Performative Activism’s Issues | Qy’Darrius McEachern | TEDxTexasStateUniversity performative activism: the social justice trend cycle the instagram infographic industrial complex Performative Wokeness let’s talk about performative activism and miss rona… Are there other scholars that refute this claim and declare that “performative activism” is liberal notion? What is the context surrounding this phrase? What is a specific period that this phrase was conducted the most? Talk about the The 2020 BLM summer protests and the performative activism being done by institutions and corporations. When do social movements work and why are people inclined to join? The definition of social movements? What is a social movement and how is it used? Why is this term integral to the thesis? Why are people inclined to join? Create hypotheses and theories Various reasons: Political Participation Disingenuinty Altruism Is it altruism or self-serving behaviour? Would university students partake in social movements if they knew they would not reap benefits? Which of these reasons would the university students of your sample group choose, according to your survey? This would lead into the Data Chapter.

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