Using our team CVS research paper, I need to complete the PRICING and ORGANIZATI

Using our team CVS research paper, I need to complete the PRICING and ORGANIZATION requirements (please reference the marketing plan checklist attachment) which includes: pricing strategy, the specific price for the service, demonstrate pricing is consistent with company brand equity and service positioning, existing organization chart and any recommended changes (new positions, business units, etc.) I will need three academic references in APA format. Charts and graphs to be added to the appendix The service- CVS is one of the largest pharmacy chains in the U.S. they still try to innovate to deal with any disruptions. With technology becoming more advanced and people wanting to have shopping done easier and faster, it is necessary for companies to change constantly. Our product/service includes transforming the floor space of CVS so that it focuses more on health care services, health treatments, and personalized care for individuals rather than on retail goods and products. Besides speaking with pharmacists regularly in HealthHUB, certain patients can also get in-person consultations to stay on top of their prescription drug plans. The patient’s/customers health and providing the needed assistance is essential due to critical competitors like Amazon for pharmacy customers. In other words, the shift from retail to health care treatment is necessary, resulting in CVS being able to help the customers manage their health. The health hub locations are essential for the future of CVS. Pharmacy will offer new phlebotomy, diabetic screening, and sleep apnea assessment services that CVS MinuteClinic nurse practitioners did not previously present. This is key because it is beneficial for all individuals by not only providing health treatment and lowering overall health care costs but also saving time. Furthermore, our service will provide care assistance, which will help and guide customers on the right step for them and how to get the most out of their visit. In other words, it is explained by a special greeter who is in charge of providing customers with tips on how to get the most out of their visit. New products have been added to the HealthHUB locations, including durable medical equipment and asthma treatments, which are essential necessities for patients/customers of CVS Pharmacy. Also, The HealthHub is an excellent way for customers to practice healthy activities like yoga classes and health seminars, which will be provided weekly. As one can see, our service (HealthHub) is aimed to provide necessities, treatment and convert the traditional CVS Pharmacy store to a more interactive and healthy space for people to get assistance on their health. CVS Pharmacy has been evolving and improving since it opened in 1963. This service that we are providing for CVS is a concept that is currently being discussed and is in the works. CVS has agreed on a deal with Aetna to provide these services and mark an industry shift towards a more seamless approach to managing healthcare, which is the basis for our service that needs to be implemented in CVS Pharmacy, especially in today’s society. Furthermore, in the future, we have decided that another service that we will be providing is 24/hour service to all CVS rewards/loyalty members who have become part of the CVS family. I have also included the professor’s example, and please reference the “sample paper MP” attachment.

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