You must develop a policy for conducting IT audits and develop a project plan fo

You must develop a policy for conducting IT audits and develop a project plan for conducting two-week IT audits.
In addition to the typical networking and Internetworking infrastructure of a medium-sized organization, the organization has the following characteristics:
They have a main office and 268 stores in the United States.
They use a cloud computing environment for storage and applications.
Their IT infrastructure includes Cisco workgroup and core switches, Cisco routers, Cisco firewalls and intrusion prevention systems, and servers running Microsoft Windows Server 2012.
They have over 1,000 desktops and approximately 500 organization-owned laptops at the main headquarters.
They allow employees to bring their own devices into the organization; however, they are subject to search upon entry and exit from the building.
They enable remote access to corporate information assets for employees and limited access to extranet resources for contractors and other business partners.
They enable wireless access at the main office and the stores.
They process an average of 67.2 credit card transactions per hour, every day, at each location, and via their corporate website.
Project Plan.
Use Microsoft Project or an open source alternative such as Open Project to:
Develop a project plan that includes the applicable tasks for each of the major areas listed below for each element of the IT audit mentioned above; plan for a two-week audit.
Risk management.
System software and applications.
Wireless networking.
Cloud computing.
Cybersecurity and privacy.
Network security.

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