Your paper will consist of a brief literature review (in your literature review

Your paper will consist of a brief literature review (in your literature review you will also come up with your agenda setting piece and your theoretical framework) and a methods section describing your research site, participants, and data collection. Tell your story of your experience in the field. Include your codebook as appendix to paper. THE PAPER IS ABOUT HOW SOCIAL MEDIA EFFECTS PEOPLE OF DIFFERENT AGES AND GENDERS MENTALLY. 1. Double spacing throughout the paper with no extra spacing between paragraphs (including block quotes). Paragraphs except for Abstract are always indented. No bolding 2. APA Title page (with Running head)—1 page (1) 3. Abstract—page 2—brief paragraph of about 75 words (2) -summary of research including findings/discussion, not just what you hope to do but all layers/nuance. ?Abstract heading centered (bold) at top of second page. ?Paragraph not indented 4. Rationale—Title centered (bold) at top of page 3 (3) ?In 1-2 paragraphs, introduce your topic of study—this is your introduction —do not label it with a heading. Just begin with text below title ?What is your research problem(atic)? ?Why study it? (Why should I/or anyone want to read it—or why should I/or anyone care?) A answer the so what question here. It should be a curious question to you and if it matters to you it will matters to others too, just use your persuasive skills here, see, rhetoric can overlap my loves ?Develop argument as to why this research should be done 5. Review of Literature—Center heading (bold)—5-6 pages (8) ?Introduce your theoretical grounding (social constructionist, critical race, intersectional feminist) (1-2 pages) ?Evidence of knowledge of the scholarly literature that has been done. Who came up with it and why? (1-3 pages) ?Don’t just regurgitate the studies; explain how it informs your research ?Tie the studies together—synthesize. (8-10 sources) 6. Methods—center heading (bold)—2-3 pages (11) ?State your research questions in RQ1, RQ2 format in the first paragraph Discuss how your data was collected and your procedures for analysis. ?Procedures subheading (bold, flush left)—Describe Participant observation, interviews, focus group interviews. How many hours did you spend in the field? What did it look like, smell like, taste like, sound like, feel like? Any intuition? Any anxiety? ?Participants subheading (bold, flush left)—Demographics and psychographics of interview and focus group participants Results and Interpretation—center heading (bold)—longest part of your paper, about 6-10 pages (about 2-3 pages per theme) (22) ?Separate themes into flush left (bold) subheadings ?This is when you talk about your 3-5 themes that emerged during analysis ?Include quotes from fieldnotes and interview transcripts to illustrate your themes. Introduce quotes and analyze them 8. Discussion—center heading (bold)—2-3 pages (25) ?Make claims (theorize) about your themes ?Relate findings (themes) back to the literature 9. Conclusion——center heading (bold)—1-2 pages (27) ?Answer the “so what” question ?Tell me why this is important research ?Tie to big picture ?Make suggestions for future research in your area and for practitioners/practical work (ie future filmmakers, showrunners, writers, advertisers, etc.) ?Discuss limitations including time and scope 10. References —center heading (no bold) on new page (THIS IS NOT A WORKS CITED PAGE!) 1-2 pages (29) ?REFERENCES SHOULD BE IN APA FORMAT

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